Weekly Market Report: Monday, April 22nd, 2024, to Friday, April 26th, 2024.

Good day, traders!

Welcome to this week's edition of our weekly market review, where we share with you some important data and highlight major market events that occurred during the trading week as they relate to DXY, Dow Jones (US30), and the Nasdaq (NAS100).


  • Overall Percentage Loss of the week: -0.02%
  • Total Pip-Loss of the week: Overall, not even up to a pip was lost this week.
  • Fluctuations of price during the week: The price range for this week on DXY was between the high of 106.395 and low of 105.414.

Though the DXY ranged for about hundred pips this week, there was less than one pip lost over this week. This shows the bi-directional movement of price this week.

With the opening price at 106.118 on Monday, and with no high impact news, Monday's price action was an indecisive one. However, Tuesday and Thursday were packed with high impact news such as the German flash manufacturing PMI, German flash service PMI, Flash service PMI, Flash Manufacturing PMI, Unemployment claims among others, price reacted by closing bearish on these two days.  Friday saw a complete reversal in price of the DXY closing impulsively bullish.

This bi-directional movement resulted in the low change in price of the DXY this week.

Dow Jones (US30)

  • Overall Percentage gain of the week: +0.76%
  • Total Points gained this week: about 290 were points gained
  • Fluctuations of price during the week: With an opening price at 37980.72 on Monday, price impulsively moved bullish and continued on Tuesday to were the high of the week was made at 38600.63 and then price reversed on Wednesday and Thursday, which made the low of the week at 37751.94.

The price action of the DOW this week was bidirectional however, price closed bullish this week.

Top three gainers this week: Amazon.com Inc (+3.426%), Microsoft Corp (+1.824%), and Goldman Sachs Group Inc (+1.79%).

Three Biggest losses this week: Intel Corp (-9.2%), International Business Machines Corp (-1.054%), and McDonald’s Corp (-0.911%).

Nasdaq (NAS100)

  • Overall Percentage gain of the week: +3.62%
  • Total Points gained this week: a massive 618 points were gained this week in total.
  • Fluctuations of price during the week: With an opening price at 17084.33 on Monday, the Nasdaq also began with an impulsive ullish move this week. Although Wednesday saw a bearish close, Thursday and Friday continued the bullish move to where it peaked at the high of the week at 17766.48. 

This week's move was a unidirectional impulsive bullish move. This week's price action was the first bullish close in four weeks.

Top three Gainers this week: Alphabet Class A (+10.224%), Alphabet Class C (+9.965%), and NVIDIA Corp (+6.176%).

Three Biggest losses for the week: Dexcom Inc (-9.905%), Atlassian Corp (-9.556%), and Intel Corp (-9.2%).

Overall, while the DXY experienced minimal losses amidst bi-directional movement, impacted by high-impact news, the Dow Jones exhibited a bullish trend, gaining about 290 points, with Amazon.com Inc and Microsoft Corp leading the gains. 

Meanwhile, the Nasdaq surged impressively by 618 points, showcasing a unidirectional bullish momentum led by Alphabet Class A and Alphabet Class C. 

Despite losses incurred by some companies like Intel Corp, the overall market sentiment leaned towards positive gains, setting a promising tone for future trading sessions.