Weekly Market Report: Monday, November 27th 2023 to Friday, December 1st 2023.

Good day, traders!

Welcome to this week's edition of our weekly market review where we share with you some important data and highlight major market events that occurred during the trading week as it relates to DXY, Dow Jones (US30) and the Nasdaq (NAS100).


  • Overall Percentage Loss of the week: -0.21%
  • Total Pip-Loss of the week: about 22.2 pips were lost this week.
  • Fluctuations of price during the week- The price range for this week on DXY was between the low of 102.467 and the high of 106.722.
  • It was a rollercoaster week for the DXY as it began the week at 103.415 with a 96.5 pips decline where it made its lowest low for the week at 102.467 on Wednesday only to begin its rally back up with 125.2 pips where it peaked at its highest high for the week at 106.722 on Friday and finally closed at 103.193.
  • The fluctuation in price is seen as a result of high-impact news including Australia's CPI, the New Zealand news releases, the U.S. unemployment claims and Fed Chair Powel.
  • The further decline of this week continues with the downward trend from last week's (-0.39%)price action.

Dow Jones (US30)

  • Overall Percentage gain of the week: +2.43%
  • Total Points gained this week:  about 858 points gained
  • Fluctuations of price during the week: With the opening price on Monday at 35382.53, the Dow made its lowest low at 35279.37 on Monday 27th of November 2023 and then went ahead to peak at the week's high at 36255.87 on Friday 1st of December 2023. The price traded within this range and then closed at 36240.71.
  • It was a one-sided bullish move from the DOW this week.
  • This week's gain fuelled by the news continues its bullish moves from the previous weeks.
  • Top three gainers this week: Walgreens Boots Alliance (+4.26%), Nike Inc (+3.56%) and Sales Force Inc (+3.22%)
  • Biggest losses this week: Intel  (-2.15%) Microsoft (-1.61%) Walmart (-0.87%)

Nasdaq (NAS100)

  • Overall Percentage gain of the week: +0.29%
  • Total Points gained this week: about 45.88 points gained this week in total.
  • Fluctuations of price during the week: Opening at 15953.7 the Nasdaq began with a bullish move this week till it made its highest high on Wednesday at 16166.32 and then began a sharp decline from there till it made its lowest low at 15823.34 on Thursday. This sharp decline was a result of the Unemployment claims news release.
  • Top three Gainers this week: Warner Bros Discovery (+8.42%), Illumina Inc (+7.69%) and Airbnb Inc (+6.87%).
  • Three Biggest losses for the week: Marvell Technology Inc (-5.26%), Intel Corp (-2.15%) and Netflix (-Inc 1.74%).

In conclusion, this week's market dynamics showed noteworthy movements. DXY experienced a rollercoaster ride that was influenced by high-impact events such as Australia's CPI, New Zealand releases, U.S. unemployment claims, and remarks from Fed Chair Powell. The Dow Jones continued with a strong bullish trend, accumulating a gain of 2.43%, with top performers including Walgreens Boots Alliance and Nike Inc. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq faced fluctuations triggered by the Unemployment claims news release but managed to close the week with a modest gain of 0.29%.

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