The Nurse Turned Trader

Meet Monica And Her Early Beginnings In Trading.

Introducing our first female trader interviewee!

Meet Monica Carvajal, a 42-year-old Latin American trader and mother of two from Ecuador. Monica, formerly a nurse, has now transitioned into a full-time trader.

Discussing her decision to become a full-time trader, Monica shared her passion for trading and the reasons behind her career switch.

Monica shared her journey into trading, revealing that she started seven years ago out of personal motivation. Initially, her passion and research into the stock market lacked direction. 

However, her path changed when she met Stefano Francescato at a place called "Trader for Evelyn." He provided practical guidance on liquidity trading and volume, which greatly benefited Monica's trading approach.

Expanding on her experience, Monica credits Stefano Francescato's teachings for enhancing her market understanding to a highly satisfactory level, reflected in her trading results.

Continuing her trading journey and seeking to expand her knowledge, Monica revealed that she recently purchased another course from "WWA Academy." In this course, her mentor Alex Garcia shares his trading strategy, which revolves around identifying different cycles in the market.

A Day In The Life With Monica As A Trader.

Describing her typical trading day, Monica emphasized the importance of discipline and established habits. She starts by tidying up her workspace, then checks for any relevant news events. Afterward, she conducts analyses to determine her bias for the day across various currency pairs. However, she focuses on only one or two pairs that offer the best trading opportunities for potential profits. 

Monica also highlighted an important tip for fellow traders: she avoids spending too much time staring at the charts after conducting her analysis to prevent being influenced by current price movements. Additionally, she mentioned the significance of risk management in her trading system, applying it meticulously to every trade and patiently awaiting their outcomes.

Monica's Preferred Trading Pairs

Monica discussed her preferred trading pairs, expressing a fondness for EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, and EURGBP among the currency pairs. Additionally, she engages in trading NASDAQ futures and Gold.

Funded Accounts And Trading Success With Goatfunded Trader

During the interview, Monica disclosed that she currently holds a $50,000 funded account with Goatfunded Trader and is also undertaking a $100,000 challenge account, which is still in its initial phase. She attributes her trading success to her adept technical analysis skills.

Reflecting on her trading experiences, Monica recounted her worst moment when she failed to receive payouts from two other prop firms despite making profits on live accounts. However, she highlighted her best moment as the onset of consistent profitability in the financial markets.

In her interview, Monica aimed to raise awareness about fake prop firms that target traders' hard-earned money.

Monica's Experience With Goatfunded Trader And Advice To Traders

Reflecting on her experience with Goatfunded Trader, Monica recounted how she discovered the platform through YouTube commercials and positive Trustpilot reviews. She decided to start trading with them and experienced success within just one month.

Offering advice to fellow traders, Monica emphasized the importance of discipline, patience, and applying risk management in every trade. She praised Goatfunded Trader as a reputable company that adheres to industry regulations.