News Trading In Forex

While many factors affect currency exchange rates, economic news releases impact the forex market the most. Forex traders keep tabs on economic news and geopolitical developments to speculate on price fluctuations resulting from the release of financial data. This article discusses the significance of news releases in forex trading and how traders can use them to cater to the market's volatility. 

Significance Of News Releases

News releases are significant since they provide immediate information about economic conditions significantly affecting currency prices. Traders use them to profit from the large price fluctuations that might occur after major news announcements. While the forex market is susceptible to global economic and political developments, news releases require traders to stay apprised of both and practice sound risk management to protect their trading capital.

Major Economic Releases To Consider When Trading Forex

While different economic releases impact the currency market, we list the most major ones below. 

Employment Data

One of the most influential news releases that can trigger high volatility in the market is the release of employment data. The value of a currency can rise in response to employment data. A report showing significant improvement in the employment rate strengthens the currency's value. On the other hand, poor employment data dampens investor enthusiasm and drags down the currency's value. 

CPI and PPI Releases

Similarly, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the Producer Price Index (PPI) are two inflation indicators traders use to gain insight into inflation trends and anticipate possible central bank measures to adjust their positions accordingly. 

Trade Balance

Finally, a country's currency value can be affected by its trade balance, which is the difference between its imports and exports. A deficit in the trade balance weakens the currency, whereas a surplus suggests a bullish market ahead.

In short, forex traders must be careful about these indicators to help them assess the economy and predict market activity.

How To Trade News 

While there are numerous ways to trade news, we list some of them below; 


Using this strategy, traders place two pending orders, one buy and one sell, just before a major news announcement. The fast price fluctuation in either direction, typically following news, is targeted by traders looking to profit. Despite being an effective news trading strategy, straddling is often controversial and may not be explicitly allowed when trading with prop firms. 

Breakout Trading

The idea behind this new trading strategy is that major events will force prices to surge past key price points of support and resistance, propelling traders into clear trends.

News Fading

Using this strategy, traders use the immediate market reaction to news as a betting opportunity. They anticipate that the exaggerated price changes will normalize to where they were before the news broke.

News Scalping

The goal of a scalper is to make a profit on the short-term price fluctuations that occur right after a major announcement. So they enter and exit positions rapidly, often in a matter of minutes.

News trading calls for an in-depth familiarity with economic indicators, a good trading technique, and a risk management approach that is both systematic and logical. When mastered, this ability can open up lucrative doors in the ever-changing world of forex trading.

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