Keith's Journey: From Student to Forex Trader

Keith's Background: A Forex Trader from Cape Town

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Keith boasts four years of experience as a forex trader.

Success with Goatfunded Trader: Keith's Triumphs

During an interview with Andrea, she highlighted Keith's success with Goatfunded Trader, prompting her to inquire about his account size, withdrawal percentage, and total payouts.

Keith shared that he received approximately nine or ten payouts from Goatfunded Trader, which impressed Andrea. While not disclosing a specific amount, he mentioned receiving around $20,000 across these payouts. Keith also trades various account sizes, ranging from $200,000 to $25,000, across different prop firms.

Journey into Trading: Keith's Pandemic Beginnings

During the interview with Andrea, Keith shared that he began trading during the Pandemic-2020 period. Motivated by the need for additional income while studying Chemistry as a student, Keith dove into exploring various streams of revenue.

His journey started with reading numerous trading books, including babypips and the Candlestick bible. With the knowledge gained, he ventured into trading, gradually paying off some of his bills. Eventually, his earnings allowed him to invest in a paid mentorship under Cue Banks.

Trading Routine: Keith's Strategy Unveiled

Keith's trading routine involves dedicating two to three days a week to trading during the New York session. He follows what he terms "The Daily Pips Cycle," abstaining from trading on Mondays and Tuesdays to analyze the weekly buy or sell cycle. He typically begins trading on Wednesdays or Thursdays and focuses on trading USD news primarily.

Trading Style: Keith's Approach to the Market

When asked about his trading style, Keith described himself as a "Hot Scalper," emphasizing his preference for swift, short-term trades.

Keith mentioned that he doesn't constantly watch the charts for fluctuations. He only trades a few times and then enjoys the rest of the day to himself.

Overcoming Challenges: Keith's Lessons Learned

Regarding the challenges Keith faced, he mentioned failing two $100,000 accounts with other prop firms before securing a $25,000 account with Goatfunded Trader.

He admitted to facing multiple failures between these accounts. Keith highlighted that his personal equity or account enabled him to fund the purchase of accounts from prop firms. 

From these challenges, Keith learned the valuable lesson that "Trading is not a sprint, it is a marathon," emphasizing the importance of cautious trading.

Goatfunded Trader: Keith's Trusted Partner

Sharing his honest opinion about Goatfunded Trader, Keith described it as the best prop firm he has worked with due to the ease of collaboration. He further praised the CEO's responsiveness and understanding towards traders, fostering a sense of safety when selecting Goatfunded Trader as their preferred prop firm.

Psychology in Trading: Keith's Insights

Keith emphasized the importance of psychology in trading, stressing the need for emotional balance and a clear mindset. 

In giving advice on this topic, he highlighted several key points. Firstly, he mentioned the significance of journaling trades, as it allows traders to gather data on their strategies, thus boosting confidence in decision-making. Secondly, he emphasized understanding the market cycle around trading setups. Additionally, Keith underscored the importance of compounding profits, consistency, and patience, urging traders to take a steady approach to avoid disappointment.

During a losing streak, Keith advises traders to reassess their strategies, conduct thorough backtesting, and adjust their risk tolerance accordingly. He also shared his own experience of overcoming a losing streak using these simple tactics.

Backtesting and Manual Trading: Keith's Methods

During the interview, Keith discussed his approach to backtesting, explaining that he had been doing it for most of 2022. He mentioned that he hasn't been backtesting recently because he's focusing on forward testing and feels confident in his strategies.

Regarding copy trading and connecting accounts, Keith expressed his preference for manually trading each of his accounts separately. He emphasized the importance of avoiding potential losses from a single trading mistake.

Daily Routine: Keith's Trading Lifestyle

Describing his daily routine, Keith stated that he doesn't engage in much activity beyond trading. He mentioned having ample free time to pursue activities he enjoys, monitoring the market during the London and New York sessions to identify potential profit opportunities.

Closing Thoughts: Keith's Advice for Traders

In his closing remarks, Keith advised traders to focus on strategies that work for them and cautioned against blindly imitating others. He stressed the importance of maintaining long-term goals and setting specific targets within defined timeframes for trading success.

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