Meet Jhonny; The Cook Who Became A Forex Trader and Educator.


Jonathan Diaz, or Johnny as he is often called, is a 28-year-old trader from Italy. He began his trading journey when he was just 20 years old. 

Johnny talks about his experience, noting that he has been trading for about seven and a half years. He emphasizes how trading has the potential to transform a person's life once they master the skills required. He finds his journey in trading to be quite fascinating.

Background Story

Reflecting on his background, Johnny shares that he worked as a cook starting at the age of 14. Despite the legal age for employment being 16 in Italy, Johnny managed to secure a job by telling his employers he was of age. 

He worked in the kitchen for seven years before transitioning to trading. Johnny's early employment stemmed from his family's financial struggles. His father held two jobs, while his mother juggled three. Johnny initially thought he would spend his career in the culinary field due to his passion for cooking.

Beginning Of Jhonny’s Trading Journey

However, Johnny decided to delve into trading, driven by his determination to learn and improve his market analysis skills. He dedicated himself to constant study and practice in order to sharpen his trading abilities.

Johnny says that one of his friends introduced him to trading. At first, Johnny thought trading was illegal and believed it was impossible to earn much from it. Nevertheless, he decided to give it a try. He shared how he lost all his money in the live market. Johnny mentioned that he did not start with demo money because he lacked proper guidance. However, his friend advised him to start with demo money before trading with a live account.

After tirelessly searching for trading knowledge, Johnny stumbled upon a company where he currently works, a company that teaches trading. He had to balance learning how to trade and working, studying in the mornings and working in the evenings. After about one and a half years of this routine, he gained the ability to trade independently.

Profitability In Trading

Around two years later, Johnny began trading with his own hard-earned capital since trading with prop firms was uncommon during that period. It was during this time that Johnny started to make profits. 

Opportunities Offered In Trading

Upon becoming profitable, he was offered the opportunity to become one of the educators in the company where he learned to trade. He mentioned that all educators are certified and must be profitable for over three months in trading. Furthermore, to maintain their position, they must continue to submit their trading results to the company every three months.

Jhonny talked about the importance of having the right people around you. He believes that when he’s learning from someone who achieves the results he desires, he becomes more open to coaching.

Johnny’s Strategy

When asked whether Jhonny had changed his strategy over the years, he mentioned that he has stuck with the same trading concepts and strategy since he started trading successfully. 

In the early days, he admitted to trying various strategies, from Elliot Waves to Harmonic patterns.

Regarding the necessity of simplifying trading rules for better comprehension, Jhonny expressed his belief that trading is a shortcut to a simpler life. He emphasized that making trading easier is crucial for achieving an easy life.

A Day In The Life Of Jhonny

Jhonny describes his typical trading day with enthusiasm. He mentions how much he enjoys rising early, a habit he has embraced recently. Before anything else, he commits to at least three gym sessions per week, followed by his daily meditation practice. Without fail, he dedicates time to breathwork, an essential part of his routine. Even amidst a busy schedule, he manages to squeeze in meditation and breathwork, ensuring he's ready for the London session.

Prior to diving into trading, Jhonny reviews his trading journal, a ritual he upholds diligently, setting his timer for ten minutes before the trading day commences. He prefers to stick to one or two setups per session, believing that if he trades in the morning, he should ease off during the New York session to maintain focus.

Acknowledging the ever-evolving nature of trading, Jhonny emphasizes the importance of continuous learning. He finds himself constantly engaged in data analysis, conducting backtests daily, averaging five per day to refine his strategies.

Johnny’s Profitability With Prop Firms

When discussing trading profitability with prop firms, Jhonny expresses confidence. He believes that any trader capable of securing three successful setups consecutively can leverage prop firms, facilitating multiple withdrawals.

Jhonny speaks highly of Goatfunded Trader, hailing it as the top prop firm he's encountered in his trading journey. However, he recognizes the need to refine his risk management strategies to offset losses incurred through commissions.

How Jhonny Became A Prop Trader

Jhonny explains how he got into prop trading. He first came across prop trading on social media and decided to give it a try. Reflecting on his experiences with various prop firms, he mentioned that Goatfunded Trader stands out as the best among them.

He shares that he now has a $100,000 funded account with Goatfunded Trader, considering it the most suitable option for traders due to its comfort level. According to Jhonny, it took him about a year to consistently profit from prop trading.

Accountability and Advice For Traders

At the end of each month, Jhonny reviews his expenses and withdrawals from prop firms. This habit helps him manage his finances and plan better for the future.

Jhonny advises fellow traders to avoid becoming overly attached to trades. He stresses the importance of backtesting and data collection to boost confidence in trading decisions.

Recognizing The Need For Mentorship

Furthermore, he suggests seeking assistance when feeling inadequate in trading skills. Jhonny praises Andrea, the interviewer, for her valuable insights and services to traders. 

He believes that having knowledgeable mentors with real results is crucial for identifying trading mistakes. One of his mentors often emphasizes that trading is not just about knowing what to do, but also about understanding what not to do.