Meet Muhammad The Nigerian Day-Trader

Introduction: Muhammad's Background and Interview

Muhammad, a 23-year-old Nigerian hailing from the Fulani tribe, is the next interviewee on the list.

Gratitude and Expectations: Andrea's Welcome

Andrea, the interviewer, expressed her gratitude to Muhammad for agreeing to the interview. She highlighted the large Nigerian forex community and Goatfunded Trader's significant presence in Nigeria. She believes Muhammad's interview will inspire Nigerian traders.

Journey into Forex: Muhammad's Beginnings

Muhammad's journey into forex trading began in mid-2022 when a friend introduced him to the forex market. He had previously dabbled in futures and spot trading in the cryptocurrency market but switched to forex trading based on his friend's advice.

Learning and Adaptation: Muhammad's Quest for Proficiency

Throughout the rest of 2022, Muhammad dedicated himself to learning about the forex market and its dynamics. He started trading with brokerage accounts during this time and was unaware of prop firms and prop trading until January 2023.

Muhammad shared his struggle with continuously losing money deposited into his brokerage accounts. Recognizing this pattern, he realized the importance of implementing strict rules for risk management in his trading. This adjustment eventually led to steady profitability for him.

Success with Prop Firms: Muhammad's Turning Point

Muhammad embarked on trading with prop firms in August 2023, finding substantial success through this avenue.

Discussing his trading style and preferred currency pairs, Muhammad explained that he follows the ICT style and constantly adjusts strategies to fit his preferences. His go-to pair is EURUSD, comprising 90-95% of his trades.

Identifying himself as a day trader, Muhammad occasionally engages in scalping. He operates during both the London and New York sessions, depending on his daily setups. Balancing trading with other responsibilities like schooling, Muhammad adapts his schedule to find trading opportunities when he's less busy. Nonetheless, he's gradually transitioning into a full-time trader.

Trading Philosophy: Muhammad's Mindset

Muhammad reflects on his trading days, viewing each one as a special opportunity to pursue his passion. He sees trading as a skill and approaches it with a neutral mindset, acknowledging the possibility of both gains and losses in the unpredictable market.

Considering trading a job, Muhammad is determined to succeed in this field, setting high aspirations for himself.

Financial Triumphs: Muhammad's Earnings and Payouts

Regarding his earnings from prop firm trading, Muhammad expresses gratitude for the financial opportunities it has provided. With Goatfunded Trader, he has withdrawn over $1,000 from his $15,000 prop account as of November 2023, a significant sum in Nigerian currency.

Recalling the moment he received his payout, Muhammad admits to being overwhelmed with joy and disbelief. The unexpected windfall kept him awake throughout the night, questioning the reality of the money he had received. In December, he received a similar payout, further solidifying his success. Andrea, the interviewer, commended Muhammad's dedication and hard work, affirming that his achievements were well-deserved.

Setbacks and Determination: Muhammad's Resilience

Muhammad faced setbacks losing his account by the end of December, followed by two more losses, including an $8,000 and a $15,000 account. Despite these challenges, he remains determined to persevere in prop trading until he secures funding again and can withdraw with Goatfunded Trader.

Evaluation of Prop Firms: Muhammad's Insights

When asked about trading with multiple prop firms and his thoughts on Goatfunded Trader, Muhammad revealed that he had tried three other prop firms before finding success with Goatfunded Trader.

Regarding his opinion on Goatfunded Trader, Muhammad expressed admiration for its strengths and benefits. He hailed Goatfunded Trader as the best among the five prop firms he's experienced, particularly praising the payout on demand feature and the supportive customer service. Muhammad also lauded the CEO, referring to him as the GOAT for his helpfulness to traders.

Trading Advice and Encouragement: Muhammad's Words of Wisdom

Muhammad emphasized the importance of discipline and self-control for traders. He stressed that trading revolves around discipline and effective risk management. Additionally, he encouraged traders to consider opening an account with Goatfunded Trader.

For traders yet to receive payouts, Muhammad offered words of encouragement. He advised them to stay focused, believe in their abilities, and strive to attain their first payout.