The Trader Who Made Over 25% In Profits With Goatfunded Trader.

Introducing Khalil: The Young Trader Making Wave

Khalil: The 19-Year-Old Moroccan Trader Thriving with Goatfunded Trader

Meet Khalil, a 19-year-old trader hailing from Morocco but currently residing in Venice, Italy. Khalil has achieved impressive profits, boasting over a 25% return on investment with Goatfunded Trader.

Khalil's Background and Decision to Trade

At 19, Khalil has already completed his schooling journey in 2023 and swiftly transitioned into the workforce about a week later. However, upon reflection, Khalil realized that his current job wasn't aligned with his long-term aspirations. Seeking a career path that resonated more with his interests and goals, Khalil decided to explore the world of trading.

Approximately six months before the interview, Khalil began his trading journey through an online Academy called "IM Academy," under the guidance of Johnny Cash. However, as a teenager, he found it challenging to balance trading with his social life, school, and other activities.

His mentor, Johnny, noticing Khalil's typical teenage behavior, posed two crucial questions: "What do you want to do with your life?" and "What is your goal?" These questions sparked a shift in Khalil's mindset, prompting him to take trading more seriously.

Since then, Khalil has dedicated himself to studying and backtesting trading strategies, which has yielded positive results. This dedication is evident from his success in receiving payouts from a prop firm.

When Andrea, the interviewer, asked Khalil about his trading goals, he revealed that one of his biggest aspirations is to ensure that his father can retire comfortably and never have to work again. Additionally, Khalil finds motivation in his passion for adventure and exploring new places, which fuels his commitment to trading.

Khalil's Daily Routine And Strategy

Delving into Khalil's daily routine, he provided insight into how he structures his day. Khalil divides his time into three sessions, each lasting eight hours. Within these sessions, he allocates one hour specifically for chart analysis. Starting from the Daily timeframe, he meticulously examines the charts, gradually zooming in to the five-minute timeframe to identify potential entry opportunities. Khalil's focus is primarily on trading XAUUSD (Gold), dedicating his efforts to this single currency pair.

When questioned about his trading strategy, Khalil disclosed that he identifies as a Scalper, relying on the rapid fluctuations of Gold over brief intervals to generate profits. He elaborated that he limits his risk to one percent of his account while aiming for a three percent return, thus maintaining a risk-to-reward ratio of 1:3.

Delving into prop firms, Khalil expressed his preference for Goatfunded Trader, the sole prop firm he engages with. He emphasized his appreciation for the prompt payout system, citing an instance where his payout was processed and received within five minutes of his request.

The Importance Of Mentors In Trading 

Khalil emphasizes the significance of having a mentor in trading, considering it a vital aspect of success in the market. He believes that having a mentor allows traders to surround themselves with like-minded individuals who share common goals and strive to achieve similar desired outcomes. Additionally, Khalil highlights the importance of having an experienced guide in the market who can provide valuable insights and advice. 

He shares his own experience of frequently turning to his mentor for guidance whenever he feels lost in the market, emphasizing the mentor's role in answering questions and offering support during challenging times. 

Furthermore, Khalil notes that a conversation with his mentor often helps him overcome feelings of discouragement or disappointment about his performance in the market, enabling him to regain focus and get back on track with renewed motivation.

Psychology In Trading: Khalil's Insights

When asked about the significance of psychology in trading, Khalil emphasized its crucial role based on his own experiences. He explained that maintaining a positive mindset is vital for successful trading. Khalil noted that when he feels psychologically down due to external factors, there's an 80% chance he'll experience a stop out. Conversely, trading with a stable and positive mindset increases his chances of achieving a take profit to 90%.

Regarding handling losses, Khalil shared his golden secret. He emphasized the importance of stepping back when facing losses. His strategy involves closing his computer and waiting for the next trading day. Khalil views each new day as an opportunity to capitalize on fresh market movements. 

Additionally, he conducts backtests and studies to analyze the reasons behind his losses. However, Khalil adheres to a strict rule: once he incurs a loss for the day, his trading activities cease, limiting himself to just one stop loss per day.

Backtesting And Its Significance

During the interview, Andrea inquired about Khalil's backtesting habits and its significance in trading. Khalil stressed its importance, particularly when trading with prop firms. He explained that backtesting strengthens a trader's mentality and instills confidence in their trades. Despite his busy schedule, Khalil admitted that he doesn't backtest frequently, but he dedicates Sundays to intense backtesting sessions, coupled with journaling.

In line with this topic, one of the CEOs at Goatfunded Trader recently introduced a revolutionary backtesting software aimed at enhancing traders' strategies. Named My Trading Journal MTJ software, it promises to empower Goatfunded Traders in refining their approaches for stronger performance.

Account Sizes, Profits, and Trading with Goatfunded Trader

Discussing account sizes and profits, Khalil reveals that on his initial live account, he garnered a remarkable profit of over twenty-five (25) percent within just twelve (12) days. Buoyed by this success, he proceeded to acquire a 200k-sized account and had successfully navigated the first challenge by the time of the interview. 

Expressing gratitude to his parents for providing him with the necessary tools and resources to achieve this milestone, Khalil shares the immense joy he feels when receiving payouts as a reward for his hard work.

Delving into the advantages of trading with Goatfunded Trader, Khalil highlights the unique "Payout on Demand" feature as a major draw for him. He also commends the support and assistance provided by Goatfunded Trader to its traders, expressing appreciation for the platform's commitment to serving its clients.

Khalil's Advice To Traders

When offering advice to traders, Khalil emphasizes the importance of adopting a positive mindset and mentality when approaching the market. He stresses the need for patience in trading, noting that not every moment is ideal for trading. 

Khalil discourages the gambling mindset prevalent among many traders today, asserting that patience is key to accumulating wealth over time. Additionally, he underscores the significance of adhering strictly to one's trading rules to ensure consistency and success in trading endeavors.

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