Meet The Footballer Turned Trader

Background and Early Beginnings 

Joao, a 23-year-old footballer hailing from Bulgaria, spent his entire life devoted to football until just last year when he decided to step away from the professional scene, realizing it was not his true calling. Having made the tough decision to leave behind his football career, he made a move to Germany over a year ago.

Reflecting on his transition into trading, Joao recounts how a friend introduced him to brokers who offered him a demo account. Initially uninterested, Joao found himself drawn into the world of trading. He also mentions his boss in Germany, who had dabbled in the stock market without much success. 

Trading Journey With Goatfunded Trader

However, it was stumbling upon Goatfunded Trader’s website through Instagram stories that truly piqued Joao's interest. After thorough research, he decided to kickstart his forex trading journey with Goatfunded Trader.

Despite facing setbacks, including three failed challenge accounts, Joao persevered and eventually secured funding on his fourth attempt. Since then, he has successfully obtained funding on two more accounts.

 Although he experienced the highs of receiving payouts, he also encountered the lows of losing them. Nonetheless, Joao remains committed to his forex journey, determined to navigate through its challenges.

Joao’s Style Of Trading

When Joao talks about his trading style, he mentions that he's a day trader. He trades during the New York session because that's when he can trade and do other things too.

When he talks about how he learned about trading, Joao says he watched some YouTube videos. But he didn't like the style of trading he saw, which was more like swing trading. He says he's not the type to wait a long time for his trades to work out.

Joao’s Unique Risk Management Strategy

When he explains how he deals with risk in trading, Joao says he only trades the Nasdaq. He always sets a stop loss at thirty-five (35) points and uses the same contract size every time. He's okay with risking up to $3,000 per trade. Joao says he'll keep using his strategy until it's clear it doesn't work anymore.

Andrea, the interviewer, couldn't help but notice how Joao views trading in terms of probabilities. He emphasized that nobody can always be right with their analysis.

Bouncing Back From Losing Streak 

When discussing how he managed to overcome losing accounts and bounce back, Joao explained that success in any endeavour does not usually happen on the first try. He stressed the importance of learning from mistakes and persisting until achieving the desired goal.

Impressed by Joao's calm demeanour and his relaxed attitude towards trading, Andrea asked if he had other sources of income to support his trading. She noted that this trait is often seen in those who have additional jobs besides trading. In response, Joao mentioned that he had savings from his time playing professional football and also had other side hustles.

He says you can not expect to cover all your expenses, support your family, or take vacations in the early stages of your trading career. Joao also adds that trading and gambling can seem similar because you might be tempted to treat trading like gambling, which could result in losing a lot of money. 

However, if you approach trading with the right mindset and strategy, you can make money from it. Joao then explained his unique method of calculating risk in trading.

Joao mentions that he enjoys trading because it's something new and he loves exploring, something he never thought he would do.

Talking about his plans for the funded accounts, Joao says he would approach the market with lower risk to give himself more opportunities to trade with the account.

Remarks On Goatfunded Trader

Joao mentions that he enjoys trading with Goatfunded Trader because of how quickly they provide accounts after purchase, transitioning from phase 1 to phase 2 and then to the funded account stage. He also appreciates the payout-on-demand feature and the weekly payout feature that comes with trading with Goatfunded Trader.

Joao said he made more than $11,000 from trading with Goatfunded Trader. 

When advising traders, Joao mentioned that it's crucial to try to reduce fear while trading and to cultivate a positive mindset. He also suggested that traders should learn from their mistakes by acknowledging them and adjusting their strategies accordingly.


In conclusion, Joao urged traders to keep working hard and assured them that Goatfunded Trader provides the necessary conditions for success in their trading journey.